The Kantel corporation



• The Kantel corporation founded in December 2011, by 18 companies , among them 15 pig breeding companies.

• The members have 10.000 sows.

• The planned project : Build up an up to date , 60 boar space AI Station in the South Hungarian region near the town of Mohács.

The project had three main goals:

• Apply the most up to date principles and build up a brand new Ai Station , produce excellent quality semen in order to improve our partner’s effectiveness.

• With use of up to date genetic boars , permanently supply our partners with excellent genetic values and follow the genetic improvements.

With the cooperation of the Topigs Danubia Kft , join to the „ chain of knowledge „ system and access to the latest informations of the AI business.

The principles of the planning :

• The location must be as far as possible from other farms , and living areas.

• At the planning of the building the main goal was to secure the maximal biological security.

• Planning of the daily routine the aim was to reach and reserve the Topigs SPF status..

•All activities concentrated in one central building ( biological security)