Boar Lines



• The Tempo is a boar that excels in the vitality of its progeny and is bred from a TOPIGS E-line (Large White type). It is well known for its vitality and feed intake. Tempo boar offspring are fast growing, strong and robust pigs from birth to market. The qualities of the Tempo boar progeny are:
very high resistance and robustness: low mortality
high number of live-born piglets per litter
strong, uniform and rapidly growing pigs
ideally suited for restricted-feeding and liquid-feeding systems with by-products
high feed intake and high performance, even under challenging conditions
excellent loins and tender meat



The boar is bred from the TOPIGS P-line (a Pietrain line). The Top Pi sire is very lean and has a very high meat percentage. The boar is completely stress-free, which means that its progeny are vigorous. Top Pi carcasses show low drip losses. The qualities of the Top Pi boar progeny are:
very high meat percentage
muscularity and very good conformation
stress-free, so low drip loss and strong piglets



The Talent boar is bred from the TOPIGS D-line (Duroc type). Offspring of this boar excel in the fattening stage, combining high feed efficiency with high carcass and meat quality. The qualities of the Talent boar progeny are:
efficient: combines high daily gain with low feed conversion
progeny suitable for ad-lib feeding systems (dry feeders as well as slurry feeders)
uniform and vigorous finishers

good meat percentage and excellent hams
high carcass and meat quality


The Norsvin Duroc

The Norsvin Duroc sire line is robust, productive
and lean, and with a 50 percent contribution to
the market hog it promotes full program product

• Norsvin Duroc sired piglets are vital and have a high daily gain.
Norsvin Duroc shows an exceptional genetic trend for lean meat
percentage and feed effi ciency, mainly due to the use of
CT-technology and FIRE stations for routine measurements.
Purebred Duroc boars have a 2.0 FCR in boar test (2013 results,
88 - 265 lbs, 4.3 MJ/lbs).
Norsvin retain meat quality through wide scope breeding programs and high-tech analysis
methods. Traits as pH, IMF and
drip loss contribute to the unique full program product quality.